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the lord of the rings: the two towers
the lord of the rings: the two towers
el señor de los anillos: las dos torres
the lord of the rings: the two towers begins in the hills of emyn muil, where lost hobbits frodo (elijah wood) and sam (sean astin) discover they are being followed by the mysterious gollum (andy serkis). a mercurial creature who has himself been warped by the ring, gollum promises to guide the hobbits to the black gates of mordor if they will release him. sam does not trust their new companion, but frodo takes pity on gollum, who like himself was once a ringbearer.
across middle-earth aragorn (viggo mortensen), the elf archer legolas (orlando bloom) and gimli the dwarf (john rhys-davies) encounter the besieged rohan kingdom, whose once great king theoden (bernard hill) has fallen under saruman’s deadly spell through the manipulations of his spy, the sinister wormtongue (brad dourif). eowyn (miranda otto), the niece to the king, recognizes a leader in the human warrior aragorn. and though he finds himself drawn to her, aragorn is constantly reminded of his enduring love for the elf arwen (liv tyler) and the pact they made together.
gandalf (ian mckellen) has been reborn as gandalf the white following his cataclysmic fight with the balrog, and reminds aragorn of his destiny to unite the rohan people with the last remaining stronghold of human resistance – gondor. in their parallel journeys, the fellowship will face unimaginable armies and deception while also witnessing ancient wonders and the untapped strength of their people. together they must stand against the powerful forces spreading from the two towers – orthanc tower in isengard, where the corrupted wizard saruman has bred a lethal army 10,000 strong; and sauron’s fortress at barad-dûr, deep within the dark lands of mordor.
tras la disolución de la compañía del anillo, frodo y su fiel amigo sam se dirigen hacia mordor para destruir el anillo único y acabar con el poder de sauron. mientras, y tras la dura batalla contra los orcos donde cayó boromir, el hombre aragorn, el elfo legolas y el enano gimli intentan rescatar a los medianos merry y pipin, secuestrados por los orcos de mordor. por su parte, saurón y el traidor sarumán continúan con sus planes en mordor, a la espera de la guerra contra las razas libres de la tierra media.
aldor|380|,samwise 'sam' gamgee|364|,madril|381|,man flesh uruk|365|,galadriel|367|,legolas greenleaf|368|,peregrin 'pippin' took|369|,sharku / snaga|382|,éothain|383|,grima wormtongue|384|,gandalf|10|,gollum|135|,frodo baggins|362|,boromir|366|
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